Click2pay Icici Credit Card Payment – Everything You Should Know

How to Fund Your Click2pay Account

You can utilize a VISA, MasterCard, or any of the internationally accepted cards to transfer the amount of money you want into your click2pay account.

As long as you have a healthy bank account, the fund transfer will take effect immediately. Avid users of the service reckon there are many benefits you discover along the way as you continue using the service.

In case you have an account with Icici Bank and you want to make a click2pay icici credit card payment, note that the deposit should be at least $20. That is the minimum required irrespective of what transfer facility you are using.

Incidentally, ICICI is an acronym for the Indian financial institution, Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, whose registered office is in Vadodara. Its operations are, however, not localized, although the institution’s headquarters is at Mumbai.

That is why many people use it to make financial transactions of a global nature, including click2pay icici transactions. With a subsidiary in the UK and branches within Germany and Belgium, the bank’s international outlook cannot be doubted.

How to use Your Icici Debit Card for online Payments

  • Log onto the bank website
  • Once you confirm you are at Icici, tap the click2pay icon to access the debit card link
  • Next, identify the card you want to use, e.g. Icici Bank debit card. Just in case you want to click2pay icici but happen to be using a different card, click onto the place indicating ‘non-Icici Bank debit card’. You are required to select this latter option if you want to make your casino transactions using VISA, MasterCard, or such other card.

If you make a click2pay transaction and it does not go through, you can rest assured the system will alert you immediately that your transaction has not been successful. So there is no risk that you might inadvertently make double payments.

Any time you want to make a click2pay Icici Credit Card Payment, you can do it safely online even if the funds are to come from a different bank. If, for instance, you utilize other banks’ NetBanking facility for this kind of transaction, the entire transaction will be reflected in your Icici card within a span of three working days.

It is, likewise, very easy to make click2pay icici loan payments online. The bank portal is user friendly, and after entering the basic details pertaining to the transaction, you get to see the word ‘Proceed’.

That is when you know you are about to effect the money transfer. In short, you need not be afraid that money might move from your e-wallet to your loan account or elsewhere before you are prepared for it – continue reading.

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Benefits of Click2pay Icici Credit Card Payment

The click2pay benefits associated with general online transactions also apply to ICICI bank transactions. For one, the service does not only benefit bank account holders who like online gaming or those who wish to make loan payments.

It is also handy to merchants who prefer making their payments online. This mode of transferring money digitally over the internet to pay for products and services is fast and very reliable.

The click2pay service is also transparent besides being cost effective. You are able to see the ins and outs of your money whenever you want to, and that happens without killing you with charges.

Even people who have regular transactions to make, say, on a weekly basis, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and so on, find the service reliable and convenient. They utilize the service’ automated functionality, ensuring they never incur penalties for late settlement of bills.

This click2pay functionality is particularly very handy to businesses that have regular scheduled payments, such as renewal of licenses, payment of royalties and the like. As such, the efficiency of click2pay icici is not just a benefit to the banks involved, but to other merchants.

There is enhanced security with click2pay icici credit card payment, considering the bank systems themselves are secure, and the click2pay service systems are secure as well.

The service has fraud protection mechanisms in place, which ensure that no money can be diverted anywhere else other than the intended destination. No wonder many institutions prefer to partner with the service for efficient payments and various other money transfers.

How to Cash Casino Winnings Using Click2pay

While click2pay avails your play money from your bank card, once you have won a bet, it is Playmillion’s cashier that facilitates transfer of your casino winnings to your e-wallet. And, of course, transferring the money to your bank from then on is straightforward.

Online casino transactions do not only become easy when you are using click2pay icici, but also when you are using other e-wallets that reputable casinos accept. The fact that you can utilize these money transfer systems any hour of the day or night makes gaming in casinos even more convenient.


Other Benefits of Click2Pay

Not only does the service make paying for free slot casino deposits easy and convenient, it also makes withdrawing winnings easy and safe. In fact, once you log onto the facility’s official website, the directions for use are easy and straightforward.

From registration to transacting, the process is more like using a computer wizard. Moreover, you have eleven languages at your disposal, each catering for your region.

On the overall, whenever you want to move money within India, within the Asian region or even beyond, click2pay is one of your best options.