Best roulette winning strategy you should try

Undoubtedly, roulette can be said to be one of the best renowned and played casino games in the world. Roulette is a game that a complete novice can play with full confidence after watching others play for a short amount of time.

It is imbued with great charm to be played in one of the highest rated casinos in Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo or while sitting in front of a computer, in the comfort of your home.

The purpose of this roulette winning strategy guide is to highlight the best roulette winning strategy so as to make the most of the amazing experience that is roulette. First, we have to talk about what exactly roulette is and how it is played.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance based on pure luck. All you have to do is make a guess as to where the ball ends up and you win. This action makes it pretty much one of the most exhilarating forms of casino games.

Online casino game has a couple of advantages over casino roulette; as the game is faster as you don’t need to wait on others to make their bets, never having to concern yourself with packed tables and you can play to your heart’s content. To play, one must pick a number or combination of numbers by electing to place the chips on the roulette board.

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Best roulette strategies

Roulette winning strategy are many a dozen, that’s why this guide has whittled it down to a handful that when played, with the right amount of luck can, of course, bring massive winnings. The strategies explained below are the Martingale, the Chaos strategy, and the Paroli, that site.

The Martingale

This is one many gamblers have used in one form or another, although they may not be familiar with its name. The Martingale method is a strategy where you double your bet after a loss. For example, if you lose $10 on your first bet, your second bet would be $20. This helps to recoup your loss while also putting you on a part to winning.

The Chaos

This roulette winning strategy is unlike any other strategy, in the sense that on the surface there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. The aim is to not think of where you place your bet. Just bet anywhere you fancy.

The Paroli

This is a roulette winning strategy where you increase your bet as you win. If you win a $5, your next bet is a $20 etc. with this strategy you can quit increasing your bet anytime.


These roulette winning strategies make the game of roulette an even more wonderful experience than it already is. It is imperative to note that these roulette winning strategies are not a sure fire way to win, as in all casino games there is an element of luck, but with these roulette winning strategies you are put in a better position to take advantage of the great roulette experience.